Welcome!!.....We're glad that you're interested in joining the Las Vegas Garden Railway Society. Individual members come from all walks of life. Educators, Firemen, Homemakers, Corporate Executives, Skilled Craftsman, and Retirees. Our members ages range from "twenty-somethings" to "seventy-somethings" and membership includes your Family.

    The first question often asked by potential members is.... "Do I need to have a garden layout to join"?.... The answer is NO!....You don't even need to own the trains. These can come later as you gain knowledge and expertise in the hobby. In fact, some of our members live in apartments and only own the trains, running them on other members layouts during scheduled events or on the club portable layout modules.

    "I don't know much about Large Scale model railroading, can I learn from the members?"....YES!.... We all started this way. The members are always helpful in assisting new individuals share in the fun of Garden Railroading.

"How much will I have invested in my trains and layout?" As with any hobby, this depends on your personal finances. You can purchase used engines and railroad cars, increasing your inventory gradually, or if you're Bill Gates, you can buy the factory. Our club currently has members at all income levels. 

     "I hate boring monthly meetings!".....So do we!.... That's why we hold our necessary business sessions in conjunction with monthly Train Meets known as a "RUN". Minimal business, Maximum fun

Still interested, then print the membership application Click on the picture), fill it in, and mail it along with a check for the dues to the address listed on the application.